10 Questions with Johnny Sexx

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Having a firm grasp of the music industry comes from over 30 years of deep involvement in it. Johnny Sexx has firmly grasped the music industry with both hands….and he’s not letting go!

There are very few players in the Baltimore Music Scene that can say, “I don’t know who Johnny Sexx is.” He has been playing professionally since birth, and has rocked with some of the best. This alone would make most musicians pompous and arrogant. Not Johnny Sexx. After almost every performance, you will see Mr. Sexx out in the audience “Smoozing” with everyone and anyone. “It’s one of my favorite things to do with my clothes on (or off)!” says Sexx. “The audience is the other half of the perfect recipe for the perfect show. Great Musical Performance + A Great Audience = A Perfect Show.” So make sure you get out to see King Belvedere at one of their upcoming performances, and make sure you wait around afterwards to meet Johnny Sexx.
For those of you who haven’t met Johnny, we put together 10 Questions for Johnny to answer. Feel free to reply with any other question you may have for Mr. Sexx! Enjoy!!!

10 Questions with Johnny Sexx!

1. Do you have a favorite drummer and if so, who is it?

I have a few Favorite Drummers. Each one of them inspired me in different ways.

John Bonham

Alex Van Halen

Phil Collins

Dean Castronovo

Tommy Aldrige

AJ Pero

Johnny Dee


2. Do you have any family in the business?

My Mom’s Father was a Jazz Drummer,

My Mom plays upright Bass (Bluegrass Music)

My Dad (RIP) played Mandolin & Guitar

(Bluegrass Music)

& my Uncle Dick Hutmier (RIP) played Sax for tons of folks Touring the World, like Frank Sinatra, Buddy Rich, Louie Belson, just to name a few.


3. Favorite topping at the all you can eat ice cream bar?

Whip cream of course


4. When did you first get behind the Drum Kit?

when I was 2-1/2 years old.


5. Was it love at first strike?

oh hell yeah…& I’m addicted to Drumming ever since


6. Favorite fast food?

Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich. BTW is also a #6


7. How does Johnny Sexx relax?

riding my Harley with Family & Friends, and getting tattoos (I have 12…soon to be more!).


8. Vacation at the beach, in the snow, or in an inflatable pool on your deck?

Beach! Funny thing about that is I hate the water. Sure I love Shark Week on the Discovery Chanel just don’t ever want to see on up close.


9. Most memorable performance?

not to sound like a dick but I honestly have a ton of highlights in my life. I feel I’ve been blessed. But I will share a few moments with you.

Playing the Kennedy Center. Recording with Chip Znuff in Chicago. Playing live on TV, & Radio. Being the Drummer for KB since 2009. Opening for a lot of Bands I grew up listening too & love, like KIX, CINDERELLA, Faster PussyCat, LA Guns, Bang Tango, ZO2, Kip Winger, & list goes on.

& lately when you the Audience sings WE’RE ALRIGHT hearing that gets me choked up. Thank you all for being my biggest high light of all. I HAIL YOU!

10. You put your faith in a lot of products, who puts their faith in you?

products that believe in me; SALUDA Cymbals, Cymbal Boss,

The Grombal.

Thank you guys for making the coolest stuff on Planet Earth

As you can see, Johnny is a Awesome guy who loves to work hard and play harder. Don’t be afraid to find Johnny after a KB show and ask him some more questions!




  1. Dean Wickline says:

    You’ve always been one of my favorite drummers! Dean

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