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Posted: March 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The latest King Belvedere Album is almost finished! And we’ve started a KickStarter to help get it pressed. In the KickStarter, we’re gonna offer all of you an Autographed Pre-Release of this awesome up-coming album, shipped to you, for only $20. This Album will feature all of our newest original music, such as “Cold Blooded”, “Stand up! Get up!”, and “Just Because”, as well as a remake of the first King Belvedere Album Title Track, “Ain’t Got No Shame”. To say these tracks sound great would be a complete understatement. We believe that these are the best songs we’ve EVER written! The buzz that’s been generated about this album has been unbelievable. And we can’t thank you enough for that.

There’s nothing like knowing that you’ve got the right people working on a project with you. Picking up Jay Hitaffer and Alex T. White was the icing on our cake! These amazing musicians have taken our song writing to the level that we always talked about achieving. Jay is an awesome song writer/lyricist and responsible for 2 amazing songs on this album. One of which is a song that he wrote in grade school to help him take on the bullies, called “You Will Never Break Me.” and the second is a stunning ballad called “Endless Road”. Both songs are complete with those beautiful 4 part harmonies that Jay is known for.

Joining us on the Album is second generation Rock Vocalist and Song writer, Taylor Lee Hitaffer. Taylor’s father is Bill Craig of The Raz, The Nightmen, and Jr. Kline and the Recliners. She spent many a night backstage at her father’s performances waiting for her opportunity to take the stage. Taylor established herself in the local theaterical scene while in high school and college, and over the past few years has taken the Rock & Roll Reigns with her husband’s former band, Wasabi. We would like to thank Taylor for all her hard work on this album, and are honored to have her working with us.
Our newest T-shirt is out and available! If you go to we have made a direct link to the ebay store which may house all of our Merch. This way, you can buy it all now and wear it to our show when we come through your town.

Amazing things are happening to us! Some of which we can’t even mention yet!! So hold onto your hats and stand by for the next Royal Rocker Blog!
Thanks so much for reading this, and as always, thank you for all the LOVE and SUPPORT! We can’t wait to see you on the road!!


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